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See how our historic shoes
are constructed with pride, using
the finest leathers and materials.
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The importance and reverence of craft has always been with us. It was the foundation stone when the brand was conceived and our guiding star that led us to create some of the world’s most iconic footwear styles.
With craft comes curiosity, which has been the driving force of our continual evolution through a myriad of silhouettes, colors, and materials as we meet the needs our consumers today. We are forever exploring the new and applying it to the wealth of knowledge we have built for decades.


The Sole
The Sole

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After selecting from the finest leather, the pattern is skillfully cut from the leather using only the best parts of the hide.
The artisans wield their awl and hand punch holes in the leather upper,
and gracefully stitch the upper together using durable nylon thread.
The moc front is formed and the beef roll is stitched in place to strengthen the shoe.
The Sole
The sole is secured to the upper using a Welt, a strip of leather which runs along the perimeter of the sole. It is stitched to the upper and then to the leather sole to create a durable, yet flexible bottom.
“Every day, Every Pair,
Every Stitch.”
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The Classic
Sebago’s genuine handsewn loafer, the Classic, is an iconic
silhouette known worldwide. Carefully
constructed by true craftsman, the Classic hasn’t changed
since the first one was stitched nearly 70 years ago.
Hundreds of small steps and many pairs of hands are
involved in the process as the shoe is made.
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Beef Roll StitchBeauty with a purpose…Sebago craftsman hold the strap of the loafer down by using an overcast stitch, called the Beef Roll. It’s an efficient, functional way to manage this and it helps to strengthen the stress area when the shoe is being pulled on and off.
Finest Leathers​Leathers with a purpose. Sebago is very deliberate in the choice of leather for our shoes. It has to fit the purpose of the shoe, and complement the lifestyle of the consumer wearing them. Handmade shoes require fine leathers... leathers that many footwear brands aren’t able to use.
Moc FrontMany Sebago shoes are true moccasins, constructed the same way the Indians in North America made their shoes for generations, by simply wrapping two pieces of leather around the foot and sewing them together at the front. This creates the moc front and is the most forgiving way of making a leather shoe, as it offers the most flexibility to wrap and mold to the individual foot.
Welt ConstructionOne of the original Sebago patents from 1946 is still being used today in Welt Construction. The ‘welt’ is stitched to the upper, then the sole; and this innovative process creates a flexible shoe with exceptional comfort.
For more than 40 years, Sebago has been handsewing leather boats shoes with care.
Each pair is touched by the hands of our finest craftspeople, many of whom have
come to this tradition as a craft handed down from generation to generation. We make
Docksides the same way we have since the beginning,
with consumers seeking our signature details and quality.
Box StitchDesign with a purpose…this stitch anchors and masks the beginning and ending of the handsewing process in a clean, purposeful way.
Heel Seam StitchNot just for show…this vital stitch joins the heel and upper leather together using an old Colonial stitch that is strong and distinctive.
Sebago FlagThe Sebago flag flies proudly and remains a status symbol for consumers worldwide.
Rawhide LacesA staple for the Sebago brand. The durable leather one-piece rawhide laces are functional in that it provides a more custom fit for the consumer, and the look can be customized with different colors of laces for a personal style customization.
OutsoleChannel siped soles equal slip-resistance, and the Sebago Docksides® rubber sole was designed with confidence to meet the challenges of sailors moving from dock to boat deck.